We are in the process of creating a legal structure that can be used to purchase land and projects for in-house development. The structure is being designed so that it can be used by one land owner/investor or many entities pooling their resources. We will create as many "investor pools" as the need demands. We will target both liquid investors (cash, 401K, institutional) and non-liquid investors (real estate, airplanes, yachts, vehicles, precious metals, mineral rights, etc). In today's tight lending environment and lower appraised values, there are many people and businesses who own assets that they cannot sell for terms that are acceptable to them. Our intent is to create an investment vehicle that will allow these individuals to put their assets to work for them, leveraging their equity into development projects that will create income. For those who are interested in joining forces with others, combining assets to create a larger investment pool, our vehicle will be flexible enough to accomplish this. The pool(s) will be created for specific investment opportunities, so the asset owner is in control through the acquisition process. Management after the acquisition will be determined by the asset owner(s) during the formation of that pool. Dye Development, Inc. can provide this management service, or others can. Please contact us to inquire about existing opportunities!

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