We want to be your personal Land Developer!

The Land Developer services we can provide include the following: owner consultations; market analysis; due-diligence investigation; create a development strategy that meshes with the owner's needs and desires; implement the development strategy; create and implement a sales strategy, including addressing financing arrangements for buyers; market the property through established brokers and internet sales sites and our own website and network of investors; interact with prospective buyers, and manage all closing issues. We can also create a full set of design plans for a project for one or more lots in the project (such as a retail strip, office or retail condominiums, office/warehouse units, apartments, etc), allowing us to market a "shovel ready" project, and we can also construct the infrastructure and improvements, if desired.


In order to help owners reduce their out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum, we will perform the Land Developer Services desired by the owner and only charge a small monthly retainer ($3,000, or $6,000 if surveying &/or design services are included) to work on the project until said work is completed. We will earn our full fee based on a modest percentage of the additional value that is realized from the work that is performed, and will be paid out of the sales proceeds from the sold parcel(s). All paid monthly retainer fees will be deducted from the final closing percentage due Dye Development, Inc. The values, percentages and time frames will be fixed and will be determined via a written proposal that we will provide on a project specific basis. The written proposal will be provided at no charge. Just give us a call and we will setup a pre-consultation meeting to discuss your project!

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